MotoGP 14

Best PS4 Motorcycle Games

The PS4 is short on motorbike racing games, but the Ride and MotoGP franchises provide options for fans of two-wheeled racing. Below we detail the best game in each of these series, as well as the absolute best motorbiking game on the Playstation 4.

Here are History of Gaming’s best PS4 motorcycle games.

3. Ride 2

Best PS4 Motorcycle Games - Ride 2

Buy Ride 2 (PS4) from Amazon – US: $22.99 | UK: £16.83

Ride 2 is a motorcycle racing game developed by Milestone and based around a Gran Turismo esq career mode, where the player travels the globe racing bikes as they go. Bikes can be customised and upgraded, and new machines purchased.

In every way better than the first game, but it still feels a bit generic. It’s the only game of it’s kind for motorcycle enthusiasts, however – IGN Denmark

While die-hard motorcycle racing enthusiasts may find some enjoyment, few else will be enticed – Push Square

Rating: 73%
First released: 2016

2. MotoGP 14

Best PS4 Motorcycle Games - MotoGP 14

Buy MotoGP 14 (PS4) from Amazon – US: $37.93 | UK: £33.99

MotoGP 14 is a licensed recreation of the world’s most famous bike racing series developed by Milestone. MotoGP 14 features modes including Time Attack, Grand Prix, Championship and a new Scenario Mode, where players are put into a variety of situations based on past MotoGP events. There is also a MotoGP 14 career mode where the player creates their own rider who starts as a wildcard with the ultimate aim of becoming MotoGP World Champion.

…if ever there was a game made by MotoGP fans for MotoGP fans, this is definitely it – Eurogamer

While it’s obscenely detailed up-close and the bike control is wonderful, there’s a distinct feeling of sterility compared to other racers – GamesRadar

Rating: 76%
First released: 2014

1. Trials Fusion

Best PS4 Motorcycle Games - Trials Fusion

Buy Trials Fusion Awesome Max Edition (PS4) from Amazon – US: $24.99 | UK: £20.00

Trials Fusion is a platform racing game and the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Trials Evolution.

Like previous games in the series, Trials Fusion presents an arcade take on the real-life sport of observed trials. The game uses 3D graphics, but is played on a 2D plane, so the rider can only move forwards and backwards. The player controls how the rider shifts their weight forward and backward in order to perform wheelies and stoppies as well as flips while in the air.

Trials Fusion is a great game that not only tests your skill and patience, but keeps you laughing at the ridiculous scenarios – GameSpot

Challenging, funny, and exciting – gaming rarely gets any better than this – PushSquare

Rating: 80.4%
First released: 2014