Best PS4 RPGs

The Playstation 4 has a fantastic selection of varied role-playing games, with everything from remasters and definitive editions of classic RPGs, new releases from classic franchises including Final Fantasy and Dark Souls to modern classics like Bloodborne.

Updated for 2017, these are the very best PS4 RPGs available to buy right now.

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Best PS4 Games

Since its release in 2013 the Playstation 4 has developed an incredible catalogue of games. However, with so many games to choose from it can be tough for a newcomer to know where to start, whilst even experienced players may have missed some classics along the way. History of Gaming’s best PS4 games list is here to guide you, making sure you’re playing the best-of-the-best available for the PS4.

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Best Xbox One S HDR Games

Let’s cut to the chase. Sadly, at time of writing, the range of games that support HDR on the Xbox One S is tiny.

Whilst the Xbox One S is great value hardware – especially considering it includes the ability to play Ultra HD blu-rays at a lower cost than a standalone player – there are currently only a handful of games that utilise HDR.

We’ve worked through our best Xbox One games list and singled out only the games on that list that do support HDR, and these are the best Xbox One S games with HDR support.

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