EA Sports UFC 2


HoG Review Score: 72%

EA Sports UFC 2 is a fighting video game developed and published by EA. It is based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship MMA organisation.

EA Sports UFC 2

EA UFC 2 is the follow up to EA’s debut UFC game which was released in 2014. Previously, EA developed the not-especially-succesful EA MMA, then subsequently bought the UFC license from  rival THQ who had developed the previous three UFC games under the Undisputed banner.

EA UFC 2’s improvements include AI that accommodates for changes in player strategies mid-game, “full body deformation” and a new Knockout Physics System allows players to knock out opponents dynamically based on finishing hits’ momentum and strength.

The Ultimate Team mode allows players to create a team of up to five different fighters. Players earn coins after each fight, and these coins can be used for customizing and upgrading the five fighters with new moves and skills.  The mode is an attempt to mimic the lucrative Ultimate Team modes as seen in FIFA and Madden, but with MMA not being a team sport and therefore not an obvious match, it will be interesting to see if players connect with UFC Ultimate Team.

EA Sports UFC 2

EA UFC 2 received a much more positive reception that the first game, with scores including 85 from GameInformer and 80 from Polygon.

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